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Did you ever know Ancient Sudan, most prominently known as Kingdom of Kush, ruled Egypt in the 8th Century BC as the countries 25th dynasty of pharaohs?

Learn more about the history of the "Land of the blacks"

Ramadan in Sudan, 2021

Ramadan Kareem šŸŒ™

This year we will be donating 50% of our profits throughout Ramadan to help support our families back home in Sudan.

Each contribution will help distribute food packages to over 1000 families across the city of Khartoum and the towns of Berber and Sennar.

Please help to ensure that the members of our community break their fast sufficiently after a day of abstaining from food and water and earn the equal reward of sawm.

Proceeds will be donated to Ramadan in Sudan, a fundraiser organized by Sarah Eldereri. More details can be found on our website. May all of our efforts be accepted inshaā€™Allah. Happy fasting!


Sudan Apparel

Sudan COVID-19 Emergency Fund

With the rapid rise in Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases worldwide and in fatalities, some countries, such as SudanĀ are unfortunately less prepared than others. Sudan is a country that has struggled with economic instability for decades and is inexplicablyĀ unpreparedĀ to deal with a virus outbreak. Sudan has limited resources and infrastructure to respond to a pandemic so it is vital thatĀ we investĀ in awareness and preventive efforts now!

Currently, a collection of organizations are working together to raiseĀ funds to support initiatives that are currently working on COVID-19 awareness and prevention in Sudan. These efforts include:

-The University of Sudanā€™s Chemistry DepartmentĀ has been creating thousands of hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays and hand sanitizing wipes in the university labĀ toĀ  distribute to those in need.Ā 

-Ā Organizations, such as,Ā Fil-a-heart, Sudanese Diaspora Network (SDN), theĀ Sudanese American Collective (SAC),Ā MovingForwardSudan (MFS), and theĀ Sudanese Youth Network (SYN) are helping raise funds toĀ providingĀ essential clean water, food, and electricity in efforts to help those quarantine safety .Ā 

Alongside these organizations, we plan on donating 20% of our Sudan Apparel proceeds until the end of the campaign to help reach the $6,000 goal! For more information about the campaign, click here.Ā 

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