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Sudan Hibiscus “Karkadeh”

Sudan Hibiscus “Karkadeh”

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Karkadeh is a popular sweet drink, made from the Hibiscus flower, Sudan’s national flower. It can be consumed cold or hot as tea. 

The hibiscus flower holds cultural and symbolic significance in Sudan. In Sudanese culture, the hibiscus, specifically the red hibiscus flower, is known as the Kerkede in Arabic. From our ancestors to today’s generation you won’t find a Sudani who hasn’t heard of Karkadeh. 

Its significance can be seen in several aspects:

Culinary and Beverage Traditions: Sudanese people commonly use dried hibiscus petals to make a refreshing and tangy drink called "Karkadeh." This drink is enjoyed widely, especially during social gatherings and festive occasions. It holds cultural value as a beverage that is shared among friends and family.

Cultural and Symbolic Significance: The red hibiscus flower is not only appreciated for its taste but also for its color and symbolic associations. Red is a color often connected with vitality, energy, and passion. The hibiscus flower is sometimes used in traditional Sudanese ceremonies, representing life, love, and celebration.

Medicinal Uses: The hibiscus plant is also known for its medicinal properties. In Sudan, the hibiscus flower is believed to have various health benefits and is used in traditional medicine for its supposed cooling and calming effects.


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