About Us

Our company is Sudanese-owned and we specialize in selling clothing to countries that lack representation. Our goal is to provide high-quality products that are affordable and accessible to everyone. We believe that fashion should be inclusive and that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through what they wear.
Elrayah was created in late 2018 with intentions to provide representation for those coming from Sudan. Gaining popularity from our community other customers from different backgrounds shared the same support. Realizing that underrepresented countries lack the same representation in clothing Elrayah became completely customizable where anyone could potentially order our clothing and customize it to represent them.

With the lack of diversity and representation in the media about other foreign countries, many people do not realize how large the world is. With our products one can purchase their flag, country outline or country code on their clothing which hopefully will cause curiosity amongst the customer's community with efforts to engage and expose others to their story and where they came from.

We want to see underrepresented countries highlighted in a positive way! Our aim is bringing attention to the unheard, to help spread awareness and inclusiveness through clothing, and to help those appreciate and be proud of where they came from. We want our customers to feel a connection with each of their purchases in hopes to create immense cultural pride. 🌍

Now, Elrayah is completely customizable where anyone from any background could purchase one of our items with a connection of cultural pride.
Connecting Cultures Through Fashion
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