Sudan Football Jersey

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Our Sudanese soccer jerseys were designed in honor of Sudan's National Soccer team's qualifying for the African cup of Nations, for the first time in 10 years. Nicked named the Falcons of Jediane, Sudan is one of the oldest teams in Africa which was founded in 1936. Most notably known for their victory in the 1970 African Cup of Nations as the tournament hosts. 

Our jerseys represent a simplistic diamond design that combines a modern appearance with a historical team. The home jersey offers a dark green base color, which represents the growth and prosperity of Sudan. While the away jersey offers a mint green that represents the freshness and lightness of a new Sudan.

Both jerseys feature a Sudan Airways text, due to its forgotten-yet promising future potential. The upper left features a Rhinoceros-inspired crest as the former national animal to give us beautifully designed home and away jerseys. Both jerseys feature the phrase “Freedom, Peace & Justice” in honor of the Sudanese Revolution chant in quest of overthrowing the long-serving dictatorship in 2019.





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