Dromedary Camels

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Traditional camels have two humps on their backs and the camels used in Morocco only have one. Camels in Morocco are therefore known as Dromedaries, which are a part of the camel family. Dromedary camels (Camelus dromedaries) are rarely found in the wild and most of those seen walking around the landscape do have owners. Often herds that have not been domesticated to a certain degree can be seen, but they will still follow their nomadic owners from one feeding ground to another.


Dromedaries have always been said to be very aggressive and stubborn animals, but this is only true when it comes to the leader of a herd. They will become aggressive if they feel that the herd is threatened or in danger. Most of the time, these are very gentle creatures that are highly intelligent and extremely patient. These animals are native to the northern parts of Africa, but interestingly enough the only population of truly wild Dromedary Camel herds are found in Australia

Source: https://www.morocco.com/attractions/wildlife/camels/



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