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Dancing Egypt Sword

Dancing Egypt Sword

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Swords have historical and symbolic significance in Egypt. Historically, swords were essential weapons in ancient Egyptian warfare, symbolizing power, strength, and military prowess. They were used in battles and often depicted in ancient Egyptian art and hieroglyphs as a symbol of authority and protection.

In contemporary times, while swords might not be as prevalent in daily life, they still retain symbolic importance in certain contexts. Swords are occasionally used in ceremonial or traditional settings, such as military or official events, symbolizing honor, bravery, and the defense of the nation. They can be seen as a representation of strength, protection, and authority in various cultural and ceremonial displays.


    All of our clothing run in Men's sizes!

    Are all your clothes embroidered? Yes

    T-shirt and Long sleeve: 100% Cotton

    Crewneck and Hoodies: 60% Cotton/40% Polyester

    • Classic Cut for Roomier Fit
    • Double-needle cuffs and waistband for extra durability 
    • Set-in sleeves for a relaxed fit
    • Soft feel and reduced pilling for no loose threads

    Care Instructions

    • turn the item inside out to protect the embroidery.
    • try to not wash the item with other clothing that might cause damage, such as zippers or buttons.
    • choose a mild detergent. 
    • if possible, allow the item to air dry. This will prevent any shrinking that might occur.
    • if the embroidery features bright colors, a gentle wash in cold water can reduce the chance of colors bleeding.

    Shipping & Returns

    Our products are customizable so we have very limited options for returns, but we will accept returns if the item arrived defective. Please email us with "Refund" on the subject field in ourcontact us page.

    It typically takes about 1-2 weeks to process your order and an additional 3-4 days to ship (domestically). International shipping may take an additional week.

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    Azza Hassan
    Love this shirt

    Excellent quality and value. We ll get more

    Aisha Hassan

    Dancing Egypt Sword


    Looks better in person than the picture