Poetry - Brass Earrings

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Our Ada Stacked Bracelet Sets are delicately woven on a loom & can be worn in endless combinations to brighten the day and express our aspirations.

- Evoke represents the women and families of this community, rebuilding their lives from the ground up here in Istanbul. Despite the hardships that these women have faced, they still appreciate the beauty of life and relationships, smile through their days, and pour their hearts into their handmade creations.


- The Quill that scribes the poem is supported by the gift of a bird's feather. Light, sturdy and beautiful. We too are authoring our own stories, expressing ourselves and supporting each other. We are hopeful. We are resilient. We are traditional. We are adapting. We are sure. We are on our way, driven forward by our inner feminine courage. We share ourselves and share the poem we are writing with you…


-Stanza: Just as each stanza of a poem is composed of different yet connected thoughts, through our Poetry collection, we go beyond nationality and culture; connecting and uniting women around the world through a recognition of all that we share: our values, our hopes, as well as our struggles.


-The Stone symbolises endurance, stability, and permanence. They represent the ability to be grounded and connected with the earth. We are inspired by the qualities and resilience of the Stones in our craft, they remind us of our own strength. Through this design, our artisan production team is connecting and sharing their message proudly with the world; as creative, innovative, dedicated and determined women.


Eve-Earring width: 5cmx3.5cm. Brass material. Hammered & Polished. 100% handmade at our workshop in Istanbul. Hooks are hypoallergenic are plated and may wear down to the mixed metal. For environmental reasons we don't provide french wire keepers, the hooks are strong and can be clasped.



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