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Formally known as the heraldic achievement, coats of arms were highly popular in Medieval times. These were unique designs and symbols on the shields or the gowns of knights, and they served as a form of identification on the battlefield and on tournaments. Over time coat of arms evolved to become a symbol of status and nobility and provided commentary on one’s family history, social standing, property, alliance, and occupation.

Coats of arms are still widely used today by countries, public and private institutions as well as by individuals.

The Moroccan coat of arms was officially adopted in 1957. The coat of arm includes:

The shield which is the focal point of any coat of arms. 

The mantle is usually seen as a depiction of the protective cloth worn by knights from their helmets.

The five-pointed is attributed to King Solomon in Abrahamic religions. The green color of the pentacle is one of the traditional colors of Islam, and it is used in many cultures to represents love, joy and hope.

The mountains which represents the Moroccan range of the Atlas Mountains. On either side of the shield are the supporters. These supporters usually have a local and cultural relevance.

The sun symbolises the promise of rebirth, wisdom, good judgement and willpower

The lions which are supporting the shield on each side represent the Atlas lions. The Atlas lion has always been used as an emblem of majesty, strength, and justice, military might and deathless courage. They serve as the holder of the shield and protectors of the crown.

The red color signifies hardiness, bravery, and military strength.

The crown. The crest in Morocco’s coat of arms is the royal crown of Morocco representing the king and his civil authority.

The motto. The golden ribbon under the shield in Morocco’s coat of arms contains the motto: ‘In Tançuron Allah Iançurkum’ (If you help Allah, He will help you). The extract is a part of Surah 47 verse 7 of the Qu’ran: “O you who believe! If you help Allah, He will help you and will make your foothold firm”.

The use of the verse here surely completes the three elements in the countries official motto which are all represented in its coat of arms: ‘Allah, Al Watan, Al Malik’ (God, Nation, King).

Our design contains the supporting Atlas Lion and the world Morocco written in Arabic in green color to signify ove, joy and hope




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